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Consistently being on time is necessary for success at school.

Every absence, or late arrival, is a definite loss to the student. It interrupts the class and imposes extra burdens

on the teacher.

  • The Absent Note on the school app must be filled out by the parent or guardian every time a child is absent.

  • Students who are tardy to school will be warned. After the third tardy, we will schedule a parent conference for the student, parent and principal.

  • If a child has been diagnosed as having a contagious disease, kindly let the office know as soon as possible. The child may not return to school without a doctor’s note stating that he or she is able to return to school.

  • Students are responsible for work missed.

  • Being absent 15 or more days in a trimester may be cause for the child to be retained, or asked to withdraw from school.

  • The bell rings at 7:50 a.m. Children should arrive at school no later than 7:50 a.m. Any child arriving after 8:00 a.m. is considered late and must go to the office for a tardy slip.

  • Medical and dental appointments should be scheduled after school to cut down on absenteeism. A designated adult must always report to the school office and sign their child out before the child may leave school.

  • Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence for more than three days in a school year or tardiness in excess of thirty minutes on four or more days in a school year. Truants are reported to the attendance officer of the local public school district. Students who are habitually truant are subject to dismissal from school.

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