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Teachers are not expected to tolerate any form of disrespect or bad behavior. Neither should any class have to tolerate a lesson being interrupted by a disruptive classmate. Discipline is administered in an atmosphere of help and understanding, not solely for punishment.

Each classroom teacher has his or her own set of classroom rules. The consequences for violating the classroom rules are the same for all students.

  1. Student will be warned

  2. A note or school slip will be sent to parents

  3. A parent conference will be held

  4. A discipline slip will be sent home

  5. Suspension after the third discipline slip

  6. Expulsion/withdrawal from school

These consequences may not occur in this order. The seriousness of the infraction will be taken into consideration.

If a teacher deems necessary, a student might receive a Discipline Slip. The child will then be referred to the principal. The student will be counseled. Then the Discipline Slip Form will be sent home to be signed by the child’s parent/guardian. This form will indicate the behavior or the infraction. The form MUST BE SIGNED and returned to school the following day.

After receiving a third discipline slip, the child may be suspended.

At the next infraction, he or she will be automatically suspended from school for at least one day. Before the child may return to school, a conference must be held with the principal and the parent(s). At the conference, the child will be put on probation for the rest of the school year.

The Probation Process

Once a child is placed on probation, it is possible that they might not participate in extracurricular activities and field trips. This will be left to the discretion of the teacher, based on the child’s class performance and behavior. The child must agree to make changed in behavior, grades, effort, and attitude so that he or she can be successful at Precious Blood. If the terms of probation are not met according to the standards set by the teacher and administration, the parents and student agree in writing to withdraw the child from the school.

If the child is suspended after being placed on probation, it will be cause for withdrawal or expulsion from Precious Blood School.


Precious Blood School follows the guidelines set by the Department of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocesan Administration Handbook regarding suspension and expulsion. It must be understood that only the principal may suspend a student. No student may be expelled from school without the approval of the pastor. Please download the Parent/Student Handbook for a list of offenses that warrant suspension and expulsion.

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