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Our Philosophy

We, the faculty of Precious Blood School, base our educational philosophy on the threefold purpose of Catholic education.

  • Proclamation of Jesus’ message

  • Community evidenced in love for one another

  • Living and active service to the entire human community modeled on the life of Jesus Christ and His relationship to His Father
    (“To Teach as Jesus Did.”)

Realizing the threefold purpose of Catholic education, which strives to integrate religion with living and learning, we endeavor to create an environment that fosters the total development of the child, spiritually, intellectually, socially, morally, physically, psychologically, and aesthetically.

Recognizing the family as the heart of this Catholic education, Precious Blood School values the role and contribution that parents make as the primary educators of their, and acts as co-educators with parents.

Spiritual Goals

With the commitment to Catholic values, we strive to create an environment in which students can grow and deepen their personal relationship with God and discover their role in the Catholic community.

We endeavor to do this by:

  • Providing and integrating daily instruction of religion and the integration of religious and moral values in other areas of the curriculum

  • Having a variety of formal & informal prayer experiences each day

  • Organizing a variety of school wide liturgical experiences

  • Hiring dedicated teachers whose examples of modeling Catholic values helps our students grow in their faith

Intellectual Goals

As educators, we strive to create an atmosphere conducive to learning while recognizing individual differences and fostering a love for knowledge, leading each child to his or her full potential.

We endeavor to this by:

  • Providing a positive learning environment where students can acquire the essential skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, mathematics, and the social and natural sciences

  • Facilitating opportunities for students interaction through diverse and current teaching methods

  • Providing opportunities to learn using technology for various remedial & enrichment activities

  • Communicating student progress to parents consistently so that they may reinforce and help their child in focused areas

  • Ongoing review and evaluation of curriculums

Psychological Goals

We believe emotional growth and development is essential to the whole human person.

We endeavor to this by:

  • Providing an atmosphere that reinforces the child’s self esteem through praise and acceptance

  • Helping students identify, accept, and respect their own feelings and the feelings of others

  • Teaching students to understand that they have control over their emotions and are responsible for their actions

  • Conferencing with parents when there is evidence of a problem so that we may work together for the good of the children

Sociological Goals

We believe the student’s social development depends upon a healthy self-concept enabling him or her to relate well with others.

We endeavor to this by:

  • Recognizing the uniqueness of each child

  • Maintaining a school wide policy of positive discipline

  • Encouraging respect, tolerance, and understanding of other students, their rights, and property

  • Emphasizing the value and need for self discipline, which leads to the acceptance of responsibilty for one’s actions

  • Providing opportunities to develop student leadership both in the classroom and also creating opportunities for community outreach

Aesthetic Goals

We believe that there is learning beyond the basic curriculum that students should be exposed to.

We endeavor to this by:

  • Developing an appreciation for the fine arts and encouraging freedom of expression in the fine arts

  • Scheduling activities that enhance the artistic, musical, and physical talent of our students

  • Teaching an appreciation for and stewardship of all of God’s natural wonders

Physical Goals

As educators, we believe that physical development and fitness play an important role in the growth of our students. This encourages them to respect themselves and others.

We endeavor to this by:

  • Stressing personal hygiene and proper diet

  • Providing physical education classes and extracurricular activities

  • Allowing students to compete in inter-scholastic games

  • Providing basic health screening & maintaining current health records

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