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Precious Blood School has been the home to both of my daughters since 2002, one who's an alumnus, c/o 2011 and a current 6th grader. Both have benefited from a Catholic education, spiritually, morally, and academically. Teachers are awesome. They work tirelessly to make sure each of their students perform to their best of their ability. They are warm, loving and caring. They make their students achieve excellence in all they do.

Precious Blood School is HOME. As a parent, you feel welcomed and appreciated by your fellow parents.  Friendships are built, and you even become like family for most. 

The Catholic faith is practiced in everything they do at school and at home. I notice how the students here are polite and caring. 
Overall, I as a parent, have had a wonderful time. My girls love the small classes and the fact that everyone knows your name, LITERALLY!  I would recommend this school to everyone who would love a Catholic education ages TK-8th grade.

Cynthia M.

I have to say this school is such a gem. We run a business near downtown and our son was going to a school near our home 45 minutes away. We wanted him closer and found Precious Blood. He was welcomed immediately into this community. The Principal and the teachers go above and beyond to make sure he is where he needs to be academically. They really care for the student as a whole and give each child exactly what they need. My husband and I feel so fortunate to have our son attend Precious Blood. Now we drop him off in the morning on our way to work and know he will be safe and cared for until the end of the day when he walks to our business after school. Peace of mind knowing he is getting this wonderful academic experience. Small classes and personalized attention. What more could you ask?

Lilli B

Good school... Children are well mannered and my son is so happy to be a Tiger !!!!

He really likes the school and the teachers.

Their school and family activities are really good.

I recommend this school to all of my friends and family.

Pinoy A.

This small "precious" school has been serving the downtown LA area for over 50 years. My kids attend; my oldest since he was in 1st grade. The school administration has gone through some changes for the better. The current principal has done the most for improving the school in the time she has been there. 
The teachers are all really invested in the kids. All are very patient & welcoming, even taking time to help students with tutoring after hours. We are lucky as parents to get to know some teachers personally & spend time with them & our kids outside the classroom. One teacher has her own kids at the school. A testament to her trust in her colleagues. 
Good combination of parent involvement & community service: hosting carnivals & movie nights, picnics.
Small class size, conveniently located, family oriented, Catholic values, very safe. Technology is up to date with generous grants.
The school needs help with infrastructure. Some buildings are old & play yards needs to be updated.

Maria G.

This TK-8 school has everything!  My daughter has been here since 2010 and we've had so many wonderful experiences.  The school's academic competition team recently won first place in a math competition.  We have a wonderful music program that offers violin and piano lessons and a school choir that has given us the opportunity to perform at several wonderful events, including singing for Pope Francis at the Vatican! There is also a sports program in partnership with ASISIA.  How I wish we could stay til 12th grade.

Maruch A.

Precious Blood School is a small Catholic school with the best quality of teaching method. The teachers actually go far and beyond to make the students understand and get involved in the class. My son sometimes has problems with his studies and he could easily reach out to his teachers anytime. The teacher is ALWAYS there for the students. In the morning before the class begins, during recess, or after school, he can always ask the teachers with the questions he is having difficulties with. 

It is a big world out there, but PBS has taught my son lessons about being a responsible young man, respect, kindness, and his faith of being a Catholic. 

As a parent, I only want the best for my son, and giving him a Catholic education is like giving him a solid foundation for his later future. With so many problems we are facing, at least I know that in the future, he can always count on his faith, hope, and love. 

My mother: "the best gift I can give you is an excellent education."
Precious Blood School is the best gift to your kids. 

Mady Romero, parent of Santiago Romero 7th grade

Mei D

This is our 6th year in this school and I did not regret putting my daughter here. This is a very good school with a high standard of learning. They have a good curriculum and teachers who are ready to help their students. This school promotes ethical developmental growth, social responsibility, personal accountability, as well as fostering a strong academic foundation. 
Safe environment for students too.

Ma Elena V.

My child has been going to Precious Blood School for 8 months now. She's loved it since the 1st day. It is a great little community and it couldn't be more convenient for me. I work downtown, and the school is only about a mile away from my office. I can drop her off as early as 7:15AM and I can pick her up any time before 6PM. She loves her uniform, her classmates, and her teachers. I never have to struggle to get her up in the morning and I have great peace of mind during the day. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, especially if they work downtown. It is a small community of about 100 students from TK to 8th grade, which I love because the public school I'm assigned to has class sizes of over 35 students. There's always a fun activity to attend and the carnival is spectacular!!

Julian J.

Precious Blood School is a wonderful school with a great environment. Teachers are wonderful and go above and beyond to ensure each student is getting the most out of their opportunity for education. PBS is more than a school. It is a community where parents, faculty and students come together.

Hazel B.

My 5-year-old daughter is so in love with the school. She said her Precious school. It would break my heart if my daughter will transfer to any other elementary school for any reason. Highly recommended to get your TK kids start their educational journey here!

Grace C.

Good school. Small school community with individual attention for children. Small class and teachers have time to help all students.

Min P.

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