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Results from our 8th Grade ACRE Assessments. :)

Pretty clear our students are well formed and their morals and values are well-set ready for high school.

  1. All the 8th graders state they care about people at PBS.

  2. All 8th graders agree that it is not okay for people their age to drink alcohol at a party with friends.

  3. All 8th graders believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and savior of the world.

  4. All 8th Graders state that they pray and that God listens to them when they pray. 

  5. All 8th graders state it is wrong to copy someone else work and call it their own. 

  6. All 8th graders believe it is wrong to try drugs for fun and would talk to an adult if they were concerned about someone who became addicted or had problems with drugs/alcohol. 

  7. All 8th graders think that people in their church care about helping others.

  8. All 8th graders value the cultural, racial and ethnic diversity in the global Catholic Church.

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